This Cat Knows How To Enjoy Her Birthday (Hint: It Involves Cake)

What’s a birthday celebration without cake?

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Don't ask how old she is in cat years. Via ThisIsAFineHouseboat/Imgur
Cari Jorgensen

If it’s a birthday party, you know there’s going to be cake. White cake, yellow cake, red velvet cake, chocolate cake, maybe even ice cream cake — it’s going to be there, along with the birthday celebrant’s favorite frosting and a themed decoration.

For one special kitty, that cake was pink. And apparently delicious based on the birthday photos that ThisIsAFineHouseboat posted on Imgur. The cat is wearing her best hat as she laps up the cake, inevitably getting frosting all over her face and whiskers – signs of birthday enjoyment, if you ask us. And there are steps to such enjoyment.

Step 1: Eat The Cake

“Yum, cake!” Via ThisIsAFineHouseboat/Imgur

“Yum, cake!” Via ThisIsAFineHouseboat/Imgur

Step 2: Get Frosting All Over Your Face

"What do you mean it's everywhere?" Via ThisIsAFineHouseboat/Imgur

“What do you mean it’s everywhere?” Via ThisIsAFineHouseboat/Imgur

Step 3: Lick The Frosting Off Your Face

"I got it. No napkin required." Via ThisIsAFineHouseboat/Imgur

“I got it. No napkin required.” Via ThisIsAFineHouseboat/Imgur

Step 4: Pose For Birthday Picture, Pretending There Is No Frosting On Your Face

"Is there more cake?" Via ThisIsAFineHouseboat/Imgur

“Is there more cake?” Via ThisIsAFineHouseboat/Imgur

Just remember: Not all cake is cat friendly. If you choose to help your kitty celebrate his or her birthday, be sure to use cat-safe ingredients.

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  • Aw pink cake for a pretty lady.

    Simonne May 12, 2016 1:19 pm Reply

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