This Cat Is Totally OK With Riding The Subway By Himself

The subway-riding cat seems to be a regular passenger and has been photographed on the train for the past three years.

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This is my seat. Get your own. Via BENちゃん®/Twitter

The Seibu Ikebukuro Line on Tokyo’s subway system stretches 36 miles from the northwestern part of Japan’s capital city into the suburbs, stops at 31 stations and transports almost 900,000 passengers every day. But there’s one regular rider who definitely stands out — and is maybe the only frequent traveler who is allowed to put his feet on the seats.

One cat has been spotted on the train for several years (some passengers say they’ve seen him periodically since 2013), and he doesn’t seem to have any problem navigating the city on his own.

Although subway officials typically require pets to be kept in carriers or accompanied by their owners, RocketNews24 reports that, for whatever reason, this cat is allowed to ride alone. Maybe it’s because he’s so well behaved. Or maybe it’s because he’s adorable. Either way, if you happen to see him on the train say hello but don’t stare: Even cats probably don’t like being eyeballed by other passengers after a long day in the city.

Here are a few more tweets from Japanese Cat Spotters:

The cat either regularly jumps the turnstile or he has a pre-paid card and a wallet tucked away somewhere.

He isn’t the first rider to be lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of the train.

A cat curled up on the seat is somehow less irritating than having to stare at that dude’s feet.

This cat sighting was from the summer of 2013 (it’s OK if you were temporarily blinded by those pants)

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