Cat Is Absolutely Captivated By The Window Washer

Guinness the cat spends his mornings just waiting for the window washers to get to work.

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Guinness offers helpful tips to the window washers.

As someone who works from home, who spends every day at a desk in her otherwise empty apartment, I understand how totally mundane interactions can become MAJOR EVENTS when you’ve been alone all day. (The UPS Guy stopped ringing my doorbell after I asked him to please tell me about his day for the 8 billionth time). So I totally get why Guinness the cat is so enamored with the window washer who magically appears outside his own apartment building.

Rita Takei has a series of videos on her YouTube channel showing Guinness’ one-sided interactions with the window washers (and her building must have the cleanest windows in Japan).


The cat seems delighted by what each day could bring. Will the window washer have a squeegee today? A rope? A partner? Guinness expectedly sits beside the windows because he CANNOT WAIT to find out. And honestly, neither can I.

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