This Cat Is a Shoplifter

One of the resident cats loves to "shop" for items and deposit them under the living room coffee table.

I have discovered that This Cat is also a thief. She has the quaintest habit of coming into the guest bedroom currently occupied by me and looking for little packets to shoplift!

Gail prefers to call this habit  “going shopping.”

This Cat absolutely loves little packets of tissues, little plastic packets that like those that I keep my daily vitamins in and anything similar that she can pick up in her mouth and cart off to desposit under the coffee table in the living room.

However, her favorite thing is a packet of sterile swabs from a bathroom shelf that she has picked up and taken into the living room so many times that they are definitely no longer sterile! Her other favorite thing is a cute feathered bird that was once part of a toy that the threesome tested for me called the Bird Boing.

The toy, a chirping bird on a bouncing velvety coil, was a favorite from the moment it arrived. They played with it so much that they destroyed the base and the coil part and are only left with the bird, which still chirps merrily every time it’s moved.

The routine is the same. She usually “shops” when the cats are home alone or when everyone is busy doing other things. However, she tells everyone what she’s up to by making weird sounds. Her spoils are usually desposited in the same place and Gail always picks them up and puts them back. Unperturbed, This Cat simply starts all over again.

I wonder if she thinks there is an endless supply of sterile swabs and birds in the house or knows that she is “shopping” for the same items over and over again.

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