This Cat Helps His Owner With The Most Unexpected Task

The next time you need to connect something to your TV, call your cat.

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I have never wanted a cat more than I do right now. Via Brandon Kutzke/Vine

My cable company recently sent me a stack of digital adapters for the televisions in my house, which meant that 90 percent of my weekend was spent with one arm behind several immovable pieces of IKEA furniture, trying — and failing — to reach the cord I was shoving toward my open hand. Who knew that I just needed a cat to make the process easier?

Brandon Kutzke posted a Vine that showed his cat doing that very thing: reaching his paw through a piece of furniture and pulling a cord through that impossibly tiny opening.

“Go ahead and pull it through,” he says — AND THE CAT DOES IT.

Although I’m impressed by what Kutzke has taught (?) his cat to do, I hope the next series of Vines shows the cat sweeping up the giant tufts of dust and a cookie package that have been left behind the furniture.

Also, I need help reassembling my IKEA TV stand. Anybody have a cat who can help with that?

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