Cat Gives You The Weather Report In New App

The app, released by Poncho, is available on iOS and will be available on Android in June.

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The Poncho weather app features a cat and is customized to you. Via iTunes
Cari Jorgensen

Do you wake up every morning wondering what the weather’s going to be like that day? Do you need to bring an umbrella? Wear a thick coat? Can you wear that sundress or a T-shirt and shorts? Will the humidity mess your hair up? All extremely important questions in the morning, especially since weather can (and often does) affect our whole day.

Sure, you could look outside to check the weather or even (gasp!) go outside to see what the weather’s like, but who wants to do that? It’s much cozier inside. Another option might be to turn on the news for the weather report, but you might have to sit through a bunch of stuff you don’t really want to hear about before you get to weather.

That leaves one last option: a weather app. And not just any weather app will do, especially if you’re an animal lover. The Poncho weather app, which is currently available on iOS, is the one to check out. I mean, come on, a CAT gives you the weather report. And it’s customized just for you.

The Poncho weather app, which will be available on Android in June, is also an alarm that wakes you up with music related to the weather, the description on iTunes states. It gives you twice daily forecasts based on your zip code and sends weather reminders (such as “bring an umbrella”). You can get daily public transit alerts as well as alerts for pollen, allergy, humidity and bad hair days. All forecasts are in real time (hourly and five-day).

And you get all that from an adorable cartoon cat. What else could you ask for?

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