This Cat Furniture was Designed for the Modern Cat and Home… And it was Made by People with Disabilities

The Meyou cat products were designed to "reconcile our cat’s needs with our design expectations.”

These cat cocoons by Meyou (a France-based company) may be my new favorite cat furniture designs and it has nothing to do with my love of Paris. It actually has to do with my love of cats and design. As someone who spends far too much time looking at model homes for design inspirations for my own home, whenever I come across something that’s unique and modern-looking, I can’t stop talking about it.

Meyou was established in 2014 in Paris by Aude Sanchez and Guillaume Gadenne to “offer refined and elegant furniture, respectful of the design and harmony of your home as well as the comfort of your cat.”

Through a Kickstarter campaign, Meyou (me and you) hopes to raise enough funds to make their cat furniture a reality.

So far there’s The Cube…

A photo posted by Meyou-Paris (@meyou_paris) on


…The Ball…

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…and The Bed.


All come in various colors to match any home and any cat’s preferences. But that’s not all. These items were made by people with disabilities. “Meyou is committed to making a difference by helping and promoting persons with disabilities,” the company writes on its Kickstarter page. “Our brand is partnering with a Parisian organization dedicated to rehabilitating persons with disabilities through work. We will use their work in our manufacturing, product assembly and stock management. Through Meyou, about ten persons with disabilities will be employed and will become more independent every day.”

To learn more about Meyou cat furniture, visit their website.

What do you think of this cat furniture? Would you purchase it for your cat?


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