This Cat Doesn’t Quite Understand What A Baby Is

There's nothing more confusing than seeing a tiny little person in your living room.

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Cat, meet Baby.

If you’re single and childless (like me), a Miss Havisham-style spinster (like me) or just terrified of children in general (also like me), then being around a baby can be confusing and overwhelming. I completely sympathize with this cat, who has no idea what to do when it sees an infant in the living room.

In the video, posted to YouTube this week by RumbleViral, the cat stands and stares, wide-eyed and unable to move. The curious feline opens its eyes even wider, as if to say, “Do the rest of you see this? Do you understand that there’s a tiny little person right here?” It moves in for a closer look, as though putting its face near the baby’s is essential to communicating with it… and then the cat just gives up entirely. I understand, Cat. I completely understand.

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