This Cat Does Not Understand Why There’s A Flower On His Head

When a YouTuber put a flower on her cat, it looked like his whole operating system crashed.

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The flower looks harmless, but just wait...

If you spend enough time on a computer, you know the signs that your system is about to have a serious meltdown. If you use a Mac, you see that Beach Ball of Doom spinning in the center of your screen. If you’re on a PC, it’s the Blue Screen of Death. And if your operating system is Cat, then you’ll recognize the face that this feline makes when his owner places a flower on his head.

Call cat 911, quick! Via lolzing4gifs/YouTube

Call cat 911, quick! Via lolzing4gifs/YouTube

In the cat’s defense, the shrill voice his owner uses to sing that Russian song is enough to make any animal’s brain want to double-click the Force Quit option. We just hope the cat was able to reboot himself completely because, man, nobody likes it when their cat restarts in Safe Mode.

Poor cat. Living with humans can be trying and confusing!

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