Pranked Cat Dispels The Notion That All Cats Are Rat Hunters

Are house cats cunning hunters or is that just a myth?

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The rat pack grows. Via nekonoborisTwitter
John Virata

Most cats are happy chasing small animals. It’s supposedly in their DNA. At least that’s how they’re portrayed. But what happens when a pack of toy rats are placed on a sleeping cat’s back? Will the cat give chase?

Twitter user nekonoboris wanted to see for himself, so he decided to prank his cat by placing not one or two toy rats on his sleeping cat’s back, but a whole pack of rats.

This cat is not into chasing rats. Via Twitter

“Just taking a nice little cat nap.” Via Twitter/nekonoboris

What started with just five plush toys, quickly turned into a massive mound of rats on the cat’s back. And what does the cat do when he finds out a pack of rats are on his back? Other than a wide-eyed “WTF is going on?” look on his face when he awakens from his cat nap, he doesn’t move. He stays totally still. Either h’s just too lazy to move, or he’s frozen in terror.

The rat pack grows. Via nekonoborisTwitter

“What is haaaappeeeeniiiing?” Via Twitter/nekonoboris

Then, just when things couldn’t get any worse, even more rats were placed in front of him.

This cat is not into chasing rats. Via nekonoborisTwitter

“Make it stop. Please. Make. It. Stop.” Via Twitter/nekonoboris

Cunning rat hunter or a furry ball of fluff? You be the judge.

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