Thinking of Breeding a Dog

Maltese owner should spay her dog rather than choose to breed her just once.

Q. I have a 6-month-old female purebred Maltese. We would like to breed her once. We know nothing and can’t seem to find much information. I have refrained from asking my vet because I get the idea she’s not too keen on doing this, and I also have a friend who works at the animal shelter whom I haven’t asked because all she talks about is having her fixed at six months.

I would like any information that you could give me on what to expect and how to go about this. Thanks so much for your input.

A. Your veterinarian and your friend who works at the animal shelter are both very wise. They see the dire consequences of pet overpopulation every day and they have given you excellent advice. I will give you the same advice.

Please have your Maltese spayed and then go out and purchase another Maltese to keep her company. There is no reason on earth to breed your pet once. Your bitch may end up requiring a C-section, which could cost you thousands of dollars, and you could lose her in the bargain. Why would you put yourselves and your precious dog through this?

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