8 Things You’ll See At Corgi Beach Day

A “Corgi Invasion” descended upon a beach in Oregon this weekend.

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Getting on their level at the Corgi Invasion. Via Duchess The Corgi/Facebook
Anastasia Thrift

What’s short and furry and running all over a beach on the Oregon coast? The Portland Corgi Meetup Group at a Corgi beach party.

The 4th Annual Oregon Corgi Beach Day hosted by the meetup group took place Saturday as a fun benefit for the Oregon Humane Society, according to the Portland Corgi Meetup Group’s Facebook page. Oregon Public Broadcasting reported that The Oregon Humane Society estimated at least 350 corgis attended, with more than 700 people signing in at Cannon Beach on the coast.

Hundreds of dogs and people turned out for the annual dog beach day.Via Duchess The Corgi/Facebook

Hundreds of dogs and people turned out for the annual dog beach day. Via Duchess The Corgi/Facebook

If you weren’t at this latest Corgi beach day, here is what you might have missed.

1. Corgis With Leis

Just lei-ing around…

2. Cowgirl Corgis

This dog also is ready for the Corgi hoedown.

3. Dogpiles, Corgi Style

Shortest stack of dogs ever.

4. Water Frolicking

These guys aren’t just here to work on their tans. They already have that covered.

5. Sea-Creature Corgis

Sharks, sea turtles and mythical mer-Corgis are all part of the scenery.

6. Towel-Off Time

Because frolicking can leave you doused.

7. Little Lifeguards

Again, because frolicking.

8. Creatures Not From The Beach…ures

This pooch and person went the SciFi route in fitting with the Corgi Invasion theme. While we know it was only for a day, the idea of a real-life, total-world-dominating invasion of these cute dogs would be mind-blowing. With Corgi beach parties gaining popularity, we might be headed in that direction (hooray!).

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