Thief Steals Truck with Blind Dog Inside

Scout, an 11-year-old, blind, Jack Russell Terrier was waiting in her owner's truck when it was stolen.

Cindy Sundgren, of El Dorado, Kansas was in Oklahoma for a horse show, an activity her and dog Scout traveled for regularly when he weekend took a horrible turn. Sundgren was checking out of her hotel when she watched her truck get stolen, with her beloved dog inside.


“He had to be watching and waiting out there, it happened very fast,” Sundgren tells KWTV. “We ran out the door, that thing was going 60 miles an hour outta here.””The first thing I thought of was, ‘My dog is in there.”

In a mater of moments, every dog-lover’s fear was realized and her constant companion was gone. 

Sungreen was quick to act, posting photos of Scout to Facebook. Not long after, they tracked her down to the Timbers Apartment Complex less than two miles away from the hotel.

The truck is still missing by Sundgren doesn’t care, she’s just happy to be reunited with Scout.


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