Thief of Hearts

You'll fall in love with the Ragdoll's striking looks and gentle disposition.


Cori Cherok cautions visitors to her home to keep a close eye on their belongings. Otherwise, certain items might end up in the possession of her Ragdolls. “I have to warn people that the cats are thieves,” explains the Akron, Ohio-based breeder. “They will sift through purses and even reach into men’s pants pockets.”

The clever breed also will likely steal the hearts of the guests it meets. Known for its sweet, adoring personality, the Ragdoll seems to have plenty of affection to go around.

“Ragdolls love people,” says Sue Shorey, a breeder from Millington, Mich. “When we come home [after] being gone, we will have a Ragdoll community sitting at the back door, waiting for us to open it and come in.”

That love for people leads the Ragdoll to participate in all aspects of family life. Breeders describe the cat as sociable, warm, docile and laid-back. Don’t be fooled into thinking this breed lounges about all day, however. Breeders also describe the Ragdoll as intelligent and playful. “They love to play fetch and usually teach themselves to play,” Cherok says. “The only problem is that once they get started, they don’t want to stop and will drive you crazy throwing that mouse every 60 seconds.”

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