They Call It Puppy Love

Pedigree survey reveals finding your dog similar to finding your mate.

Most dog lovers said choosing the right dog is a lot like finding Mr. or Ms. Right, according to the second annual Pedigree Food for Dogs Survey, which explored how dog owners “celebrate their love and dedication to canines.”

Eighty-two percent of dog owners said it was love at first sight when they picked out their pup. Nearly 60 percent said they are as picky when selecting a dog as they are when selecting a mate, taking personality, physical attributes and pedigree into consideration.

If trapped on a desert island, close to 60 percent of those surveyed would prefer having their dog with them many more than would choose their mate, friends, parents or siblings.

Dogs also often rule the house, according to the survey, which found that 54 percent of those surveyed allowed their dogs to sleep in their beds, and 24 percent allowed their dog to eat of their plate.

Seventy percent of owners refer to themselves as their dogs “mommy” or “daddy,” more than 40 percent said they considered caring for a dog a dry-run for caring for a child, and 62 percent said it was socially acceptable to include their pet in family photos and holiday cards.

Eight-seven percent of dog owners surveyed said they considered food a reward for good behavior, and thirty percent admitted to feeding table scraps.

Forty-five percent said their dog had a regular group of playmates, and 52 percent coordinate playmates at least once a week.

Despite all the media attention showered on celebrities and their pets, 50 percent of dog owners surveyed said star power did not influence their choice of breed, and 85 percent said how celebrities treat their dog does not impact how they treat their pet.

Posted: Dec. 8, 3pm EST

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