No One Chills Harder Than These Lizards

Have you seen a real lizard lounge?

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John Virata

Many folks think of lizards as little reptiles that run away at the first sight of a human, but not these guys. They’re taking chillin’ to the next level.

Henry Schifberg of Hollywood, California, has been working with Chinese water dragons and other lizards for more than 30 years. He doesn’t keep them in cages but rather let’s them roam around a big room in his house at will. He says that Baby Love and Buddy Love live with another large group of lizards in a posh setting with water pools, large open windows, and of course, purple lounge chairs.


Baby Love (below left) and Buddy Love are masters at taking it easy. Via Henry Schifberg/YouTube

“There are many people that suspect the most awful crazy thing going on for the lizards to pose like this,” Schifberg said in the description for his YouTube video, which shows these cold-blooded characters just hanging around with their tails down. “This is what these lizards can do if they are healthy, calm and trusting, there is absolutely no harm of any kind.”

We gotta admit that this lizard couple is beyond chill. All they need is a little Netflix and they are good for the evening.

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