These Fortune Cookies Have The Tiniest, Cutest Cats Inside Them

You'll never be satisfied with a crummy piece of paper ever again.

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A Japanese candy shop has upped its fortune cookie game, replacing slips of paper with hand-designed cats. Via Felissimo

I once broke open a fortune cookie and pulled out a tiny slip of paper that read: “You are not illiterate.” The last time I ordered takeout, my fortune was just the Japanese character for “kitchen.” So most fortune cookies are terrible, is what I’m trying to say. Or they were, until we discovered that a company called Felissimo sells folded rice cookies that each contain a small hand-designed cat figurine.

The Dagashi Nyanko Kakurenbo — or Hide-and-Seek Kitty Candies — are sold in a set that includes a package of sweet karinto snacks and two rice crackers that have been folded into triangles. When you break open the rice cracker “fortune cookies,” you’ll have a pair of cat figures that are slightly different from each other. According to Rocket News 24, each snack set retails for around $20 and Felissimo will ship a new design every month.

And now that we’ve gotten your hopes up, we’ll have to tell you that Felissimo does not currently ship its products to the United States. If your last fortune cookie said you were going to experience disappointment, this is probably why.

Here are a few pictures of the fortune cookies and their teeny, inedible cats.

Each snack set has two rice cracker “fortune cookies” and a package of karinto.

They’re super cute, but we’re pretty sure the wooden cat figurines don’t actually communicate with each other.

These black cats are scary… scary adorable.

It makes sense that at least one of these cats would be sleeping.

Yes, definitely better than paper fortunes.

Accurate depiction of what happens when a can opener is turned on.

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