These Cat-Shaped Marshmallows May be the Perfect Gift

They’re totally cute and filled with chocolate. What more could you ask for?


Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge fan of marshmallows. Until now. These marshmallows look like cats and they have chocolate inside. How could I not love them?!

Brought to cat lovers who also like sweets from Japanese company Felissimo – you know, the same company that brought us cat fortune cookiescat scent lotion and cat-head scented fabric spray – these marshmallows come in a box of 12. And each marshmallow is designed to look like a different cat.

At $21 plus an international shipping fee of about $29, these cat marshmallows make the perfect Christmas gift for the cat lover on your list. Or for you because, you know, you’re a cat lover too and should get a thoughtful Christmas gift. (Cat Fancy editors are cat lovers who may also like a thoughtful Christmas gift.)

These feline-fanciful marshmallows would be great in coffee or hot chocolate or to even eat them as they are. If you purchase any this holiday season, be sure to share a photo with us!

To purchase the 12-piece set of kitten marshmallows, visit the Felissimo website here.


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