These Cat Carriers Will Make Your Feline Traveler Look Like A Tiny Astronaut

Why hasn't someone thought of this before? Why don't we all own these cat carriers already?

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The U-pet carriers each have removable windows, like tiny little space shuttles. Via U-pet

I own a shirt that shows cats drifting through space, floating past planets and nebulas and other intergalactic attractions. I have this garment in my closet because I’m obviously a super classy lady, but also because the idea of cat astronauts (catstronauts) is the most glorious thing ever. That’s also why these U-pet brand pet carriers should be on every cat owner’s holiday wish list.

I have seriously never been this jealous of a cat before. Via U-pet

I have seriously never been this jealous of a cat before. Via U-pet

The New York company sells three different styles of pet carriers, including a backpack version with a built-in window that seriously makes your cat look like he’s riding in a tiny space shuttle. There are also a duffel bag-style Sport Series and a crossbody bag, which comes with or without a giant American flag, depending on your pet’s level of patriotism.

“Give your pets a window to the world,” U-pet’s website states. “They also want to enjoy the scenery and interact with the outside world.”

Each carrier — which range in price from $79 to $99 — is constructed from non-toxic materials, is cushioned to ensure your pet’s comfort and has what the U-pet website describes as “breather holes” on the side. The carriers can be ordered directly from U-pet or on Amazon. And if you’re nice, maybe you can borrow my space cat shirt.

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