These Adorable Puppies Are K-9 Unit’s Newest Recruits

The newest recruits of Taiwan’s National Police Agency K-9 unit could stop a criminal in his track with their cuteness.

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Police puppy Tawain
This puppy still has a long way to go to fit into the K-9 uniform. Via NPA 署長室/Facebook
Stephanie Brown

Police K-9s are trained to serve and protect. But before they become fierce members of the police force, they start out as cute, cuddly puppies.

Meet the newest recruits of Taiwan’s National Police Agency K-9 unit. The agency introduced the puppies to its Facebook fans on June 7. Their names are: Lucky Star, Schumann, Feida, Brother, AJ and Full Moon. They were born on May 9 to one of the 22 adult dogs in the K-9 unit, according to Mashable. All six puppies will be trained to join the NPA’s K-9 Anti Bomb and Drug unit based in Taipei.

We wish they could stay little like this forever, but alas, these puppies have an important job to do.

1. Paw-tners In Fighting Crime

Double trouble.

2. Sleeping On The Job

“Wake me when the doughnuts get here.”

3. Stop In The Name Of Cuteness

You know you can’t resist the powers of this police puppy.

4. Getting Acquainted With The Squad Car

“How do you drive this thing?”

5. Enjoying The Ride

Patrolling the neighborhood for treats.

6. It’s Hard Work Being A Police Puppy

Nap now. Fight crime later.

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