There Are Real-Life People Who Will Buy This Brush To Lick Their Cats

The Licki Brush will soon be launching on Kickstarter, and there's nothing we can do about it.

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Time to bond!

Have you ever wanted to simultaneously groom and bond with your cat in the creepiest possible way? You’re almost in luck: The Licki Brush will soon be launching on Kickstarter. The Licki Brush is exactly what it sounds like — and it sounds deeply unsettling.

Yes, it appears to be a soft plastic brush designed specifically for a cat, but it is also designed to be worn over your tongue. You know, so you can lick your cat’s head without feeling weird about it. (That is a lie. You should absolutely feel weird about this).

Cartoon hearts may or may not radiate from your own cat's head. Via Mark Bland/YouTube

Cartoon hearts may or may not radiate from your own cat’s head. Via Mark Bland/YouTube

A soundless Licki Brush video, posted on YouTube by Mark Bland, shows at least four individuals who have tested the product and none of them had their eyes clawed out, although all of them are clearly recognizable on camera, which might be even more painful.

No other information about the Licki Brush has been released, other than its upcoming Kickstarter campaign. There have been no prices, no delivery times and no information about what could’ve prompted a real-life human to design this thing – and we do not want to know about the various prototypes that were tested before the final design was released.

Lack of info aside, the brush’s tag line is simply “Lick Your Cat,” so what else could you possibly need to know?

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