The Year’s Best Cat Stuff

Here are some of CAT FANCY editors' favorite new products from 2009.

CAT FANCY editors went through oodles of products, and here are some of their favorites.

Meet the Editors

Associate Editor April Balotro, a lifelong “dog person,” has difficulty resisting the bright eyes and kneading paws of the cats and kittens she meets.

Managing Editor Annie Shirreffs lives with her husband and their young cats Agatha and Tallulah. A lifelong cat lover, she is enjoying the newest members of her feline family.

Editor Susan Logan is the proud mom of 18-year-old Ragdoll Chloe, and 1-year-old Maine Coon mixes Madison and Sophie. Chloe is a faithful lap cat who enjoys a good meal and lounging around the house. Sophie enjoys high places and purring loudly when taking time out to lounge next to Susan.

For the first time in Art Director Jerome Callens’ life, he is completely catless. Until he adopts a cat of his own, he enjoys living vicariously through the other people in his life who have cats.

The FroliCat BOLT is a useful toy for those who dont always have the time to play with their cat

FroliCat BOLT
$19.99. Lucky Litter LLC dba Brilliant Pet; 888-726-6369.
“What a cool idea! This is great for busy days when I can’t entertain or play with my cat much.” 


The Caboodle Habitat for Cats is going to be loved by any cat due to the fun design

Caboodle Habitats for Cats
$29.95. InPlay Products Inc.; 510-793-2508.
“Cats seem to love cardboard, and this has a really fun design. My cat started playing in it before we even finished building it.”





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