The World’s Oldest Living Rabbit

Meet the one-and-only Do, a Jersey Wooly that's nearly 16 years old and holds the title of the oldest living rabbit in Guinness World Records.

opening pages to article: The World's Oldest Living RabbitWhen rabbit owner Jenna Antol of New Jersey came across an article about the oldest living dog, she wondered if such a title existed for rabbits. She sent an email asking about this at the Guinness World Records’ site. She owned a senior Jersey Wooly rabbit.

“A few weeks later they replied — Yes, minimum age is 14 years old, and they are currently awaiting a claim.” Antol’s rabbit Do was more than 14 years old at the time. Jersey Wooly rabbits typically live from 5 to 10 years. 

She applied for a claim number and was sent a list of requirements. “Including copies of all veterinarian records, age progression photos, family and friend affidavits, and health certificates from two different veterinarians listing his current condition based on his age.”

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