The Words ‘Dog Park’ Are Magic To These Frenchies’ Ears

It’s just another car ride until those words are spoken.

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"Yay! The dog park!" Via ViralHog/Rumble
Cari Jorgensen

Dogs get excited for various reasons. For some dogs it’s all about the food, like when the ice cream truck arrives. For others it’s the thrill of going for a walk. And then there are the dogs who absolutely love the dog park.

In a video posted to Rumble by ViralHog, two French Bulldogs sit in the front seat of their owner’s Jeep. One looks out the window while the other seems to be more interested in what the owner is doing. The owner talks to the dogs, making sure they’re both looking at him before he utters his next words.

“You all know where we’re about to go, right?” he asks.

Their heads tilt in wonderment.

"Where are we going?" Via ViralHog/Rumble

“Where are we going?” Via ViralHog/Rumble

“We’re about to go to the dog park.”

With the sound of those magic words, the dogs start whimpering, and even though they had been sitting still, they can no longer do so. They jump to the back seat and then back to the front. They don’t stop whimpering in what we can only presume is doggy speak for “Well, then, hurry up and get us there!”

We wonder if the dogs get this excited when their owner spells the magic words as well.

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