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The Woof Washer: The Latest Dog Bath Tool

The Woof Washer ad boasts that "every dog will love it.”

The Woof Washer ad boasts that "every dog will love it.”

When a dog product pops up in my social media newsfeed seemingly 20 times in a day, it might be time to take a look at it. The Woof Washer 360, which claims to give your dog “360 degrees of clean,” is an attachment you connect to your hose. The hoop comes in two sizes – one for large and one for small dogs – and you can use your favorite dog shampoo with it. Water shoots out from all around the hoop, soaking your dog all the way around. The soap comes out the same way, then you rinse and you’re done – after your dog does his customary get-this-water-off-me shake. But will he like it? Will you? Watch the video above to learn more about it. If you’ve tried the Woof Washer 360, let us know what you and your dog think of it.

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