The Wonderful Thing About Toygers

This distinctive cat breed resembles a tiger but exhibits a thoroughly domestic personality.

Carol Samuel’s Toygers think she has the best seat in the house — literally. One day, while her grandson was visiting, several of Samuel’s cats decided to camp out on her lap. “

My grandson went outside for a few minutes and came back in to six Toygers sitting on me,” recalls the breeder from Pennsylvania. “He was just amazed.”

That desire to remain close to its human companions characterizes the affectionate Toyger. Breeders describe the cat as sweet, attentive, loving and people-oriented. 

“They love their families and want to be in the middle of everything you do,” explains Helen Baloun, a breeder from Illinois. “If you are just relaxing and watching television, they will snuggle right up to you and fall asleep purring in your lap.”

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