The Wirehaired Fox Terrier

This 1923 Dog World article praises one of the most popular dog breeds at the time, the Wirehaired Fox Terrier.

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The Wirehaired Fox Terrier today is one of the most popular dog breeds in both the U. S. and England and the Dominion of Canada. Entries of this dog breed at the leading fictures are always near the top in numbers. At the least English Kennel Club Show at the Crystal Palace the Wirehaired Fox Terriers competing totaled almost 300 and at the Westminister Kennel Club show at Madison Square Garden, New York, for years past the number of wires benched has always been close to 200 and is usually only exceeded by only one or two dog breeds and on occasion has topped them all in point of entries.

Before the present ruling of the A.K.C., discontinuing unclassified prizes, a Wirehaired Fox Terrier has always been at the top or chief runner up for this coveted honor at the Garden. In fact, Ch. Conejo Wycollar Boy, and Ch. Matford Vic, his kennel mate, both now owned by Mrs. R. E. Rainey, have accounted for this honor four times between them.
Their popularity is steadily increasing and is now spreading through the mid-western states and is constantly gaining new devotees on both the atlantic and pacific coast states. Recent importations have cost their owners from $3,500 to $5,000 for outstanding specimens capable of winning in fastest company, and decent terriers of this dog breed always command a figure that more than reimburses their breeders for the time and trouble devoted to them. So it will be seen that the Wirehaired Fox Terrier popularity is based on firm foundation.

Excerpted from Dog World magazine, October 1923, Vol. VIII, No. 10. For back issues of Dog World, click here.


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