The Voice of Westminster

David Frei on what it’s like to co-host the world’s most famous purebred dog show.

Armchair fanciers who tune into the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show every February doubtless recognize the friendly announcer who has held forth on Poodle pedigrees and terrier temperaments on the show’s USA Network broadcasts for almost two decades.

With Princess Leia-like headphones cupping both ears and a soothing baritone with the hint of a native Oregonian’s drawl, David Frei has been the show’s co-host and analyst since 1990. But long before the Afghan Hounds swish into the green-carpeted rings along with the shivery Chinese Cresteds, the ground-sniffing Beagles, and 154 other breeds, Frei is behind the scenes, helping marshal the current show even as he looks ahead to the next.

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