The Unlikely Foster Parent

One woman's quest to help kittens earned her the leading role as headmistress of her own cat rescue group.

Cat Fancy- Kitten Foster- August 2011

As a longtime TV producer, Shawn Simons is familiar with against-all-odds stories, but she never thought she’d play the starring role in the cat fostering saga that has unfolded in her own life.

Simons’ journey began just a few years ago on a dark and stormy night when she heard a strange noise in her backyard and tentatively crept outside to investigate. In the trembling beam of her flashlight, she spotted a fluffy blue-eyed Siamese kitten in the bushes. “The kitten hissed at me and, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I was actually terrified by his rice-sized teeth, so I ran inside!” she says with a laugh. Fear does not come easily for Simon, who was a segment producer on the reality TV show Bridezillas, which features livid women having out-of-control meltdowns. “I could deal with brides-to-be, but I’d never even had a pet growing up, so I had no idea what to do with this kitten,” she says.

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