The #TrumpYourCat Hashtag Has Resulted In A Lot Of Cats With Donald Trump Hair

Who knew that there might be a demand for tiny little cat toupees?

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The #TrumpYourCat hashtag features cats sporting the Republican presidential candidate's coiffed hairdo. Via Donald J. Trump/Facebook and leahbuttery/Instagram

If you spend enough time online every day, you’ll realize two things: 1) The Internet never disappoints (except for those times when it does nothing but disappoint) and 2) People have an extraordinary amount of free time. The latest example of the latter is equal parts clever hashtag and poufy-haired politician as Twitter and Instagram users have been following the instructions of #TrumpYourCat.

No, that doesn’t mean turning your cat into a business mogul and having him run for president. It’s actually a three step process that involves — in order — brushing your cat, turning that pile of just-brushed fur into a tiny toupee and then placing it on the cat’s head. The result is a cat whose hair matches Donald Trump’s signature style and — in several cases — whose face might match his signature sour expression. #NiceWorkInternet.

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