The Top 10 Most Dangerous Days for Pets

Summer weekends and holidays, not full moons, responsible for pet accidents.

Some of the best days for people—weekends, holidays, summer break—turn out to be the worst for pets. It doesn’t mean you have to keep your pet in a padded room on these days, but you might want to take precautions on what Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), found to be the most dangerous days for pets in 2010:

1. Monday, June 7
2. Tuesday, September 7 (Labor Day)
3. Monday, June 14
4. Tuesday, June 1 (Memorial Day)
5. Monday, June 21
6. Monday, August 9
7. Monday, April 26
8. Monday, June 28
9. Monday, April 5 (Easter)
10. Monday, August 2


June was the most dangerous month of the year, with five of the Top 10 most dangerous days of the year.  The safest month was December with only 2 days in the top 50 most dangerous days.

VPI tracked accident claims across the entire year to discover that, in general, more accidents occur in the summer months, and the most accidents are treated the day after holidays and weekends. Contrary to popular belief, the company did not find any spike in pet accidents treated on or following full moons.

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