The Tiny Hamster BBQ Makes Me Want To Party!

In what looks like the happiest and tastiest gathering ever, the Tiny Hamster and his friends enjoy a barbecue — Tiny Hamster style.

If you’ve been following along (and who on the Internet hasn’t), the Tiny Hamster leads a pretty amazing life. From eating tiny food to attending various get-togethers to being a fighter pilot and turning into a giant monster, he’s done it all. Today, the folks at HelloDenizen released his latest video, and there’s so much going on my eyes don’t know where to look!

The setting is a backyard barbecue, and it’s glorious from the get-go with tiny kabobs being crafted with near-surgical precision using delicate instruments. Once the human host finishes the tiny food prep, he checks a regular barbecue and then it’s time to kneel down and check the tiny barbecue with the tiny food. It’s about the size of a regular can of peas. When he lifts the lid, you won’t believe the tiny food perfection that greets you.

And who is this all for? Tiny Hamster can’t have a party by himself, so three buddies join him: a guinea pig and a hedgehog frolic in or on the pool with Tiny Hamster, while Tiny Hamster’s bunny friend chooses to play a lawn game with the host instead of bathing.

It’s a real sight to see these four pets apparently enjoying a fun day out together. But after the fun, it’s time for food!

The four pets are all seated at a popsicle-stick patio set that is adorned with festive patriotic decorations. Their food items piled high on poker-chip plates are served by their host. Time to dig in. The chomping and lip-smacking that follows is nothing compared to the antics of the host, who suddenly runs around tossing decorations and generally pumping up the party fun. But do the animals notice? Nope. They just keep chowing down. Now that’s a sign of good food.

The notes on the video state that HelloDenizen works with trainers and all food is hamster-healthy. They also give a link to the Instructables site that tells people how to make their own tiny barbecue grill. Could this spawn a series of tiny barbecue parties across the nation? Only time will tell!

Tiny Hamster BBQ guests
Via HelloDenizen/YouTube
What’s better than barbecuing? Barbecuing with friends!

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