The Sweet and Lovely Ragdoll

The Ragdoll's beautiful looks and gentle disposition make it a popular family pet.


Imagine a cat that is always gentle, stunningly beautiful and melts in your arms whenever you pick him up. Such a creature is more than just a cat lover’s fantasy; it’s a real cat called the Ragdoll. “Well-bred Ragdolls are loving, sweet, affectionate and follow their people around – even to the bathroom,” says Shila Van Wagenen, a Ragdoll breeder in Sacramento, Calif. “They purr a lot and are very easy to have in the home. They seem to know what their owners want from them, and they deliver.”

Van Wagenen and her husband, Buddy, began breeding Ragdolls after she became aware of the breed’s docile, loving nature.”The breed was a natural for us, since we adore cats with sweet temperaments,” she says. “Very seldom are they naughty.”

What a Doll!
But don’t be lulled into thinking the Ragdoll has a bland personality.”Our cats love lying on their backs and are very playful,” Van Wagenen says. “They adore wrestling with our dogs, particularly our 10-pound Australian Terrier.”

The Ragdoll’s amazing  temperament also won out Stuart and Carol Jaquez, Ragdoll breeders in Hollister, Calif. “Being animal lovers, we did foster care for our local animal shelter for 10 years,” Stuart says. “During those years, we were exposed to many different breeds of cats, and the one cat breed that really grabbed our hearts was a cat that turned out to be a Ragdoll.”

The couple investigated the breed and found that the Ragdoll’s personality was a perfect fit.

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