The Sultanate of Oman to Document Nation’s Coral Reefs

Filmmakers to spend two weeks covering part of country's 140 coral reefs.

Written by
John Virata

A team of filmmakers will document the coral reefs of the Sultanate of Oman, a country off the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, according to a press release put out by Oman’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, The country is home to approximately 140 coral reefs and the sultanate wants to document the coral reefs in an effort to educate the population on the importance of coral reefs in the region. The film is going to discuss how the coral reefs are built, how they contribute to the ecological balance in the region, the threats to coral reef environments and coral’s influence on fish production. The film is expected to be 25-30 minutes in length and will have voice-overs in Arabic and English from an expert in marine science.

The filmmakers will spend two weeks in the country along with marine life specialists and biologists from the ministry who will assist in the efforts. The teams will visit Salamah Islands, Lima Island and Ras Lima in Musandam Governorate, and then will head to Al Dimaniyat Islands in the Wilayat of Barka and Al Halaniyat Islands, Al Sudah, Bandar Al Khayran and Al Fahal Island in Muscat. The ministry will also provide dive boats at each of the sites, first aid kits, and security and safety equipment.

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