The Strange Items That Ferrets Stash

Ferret owners have many tales to tell about the strange items found in their ferrets’ stash.

One of the most endearing and exciting things to enjoy about ferrets is their little thieving ways. They are busy little animals and stashing things is one of their “jobs.” The joy that stealing and stashing brings a ferret rates just as highly as pooping and dancing. There is no limit as to what a ferret will snatch to tuck safely away in its hidey-hole with the rest of its prized possessions. Finding a ferret’s secret hidey-hole and discovering its treasures is always a thrill.

The Fearless Ferret
Common objects that ferrets favor include socks, shoe insoles, pens, money, keys, potatoes and anything stinky. Unfortunately ferrets also commonly take things that can cause great harm to them. Bernadette Keith of Pennsylvania said that her ferret, Moey, had a common ferret fetish for cardboard toilet paper rolls and had stashed them all over her home. She also offered a word of caution. “One time we heard Moey knocking around in the bathroom, and we found him with a roll stuck on his head. There was blood everywhere; I guess he bit his lip or tongue. We had to tear the roll to get it off of his head; it was wedged so tightly. He was OK afterward, just a little scared.”

Rubber, possibly a ferret’s favorite material of all, is also one of the worst things for a ferret to have, because it can cause a deadly obstruction if ingested. Commonly stolen household items that contain rubber include television remote controls, bathtub stoppers, erasers and rubber bands. Kate Kilstrom from the Netherlands had a ferret obsessed with rubber. “Bandit used to try to steal the plug to the kitchen sink. When I successfully chained it to the sink, preventing its future theft, she retaliated by stashing a large bottle of dishwashing liquid … upstairs, inside the frame of our waterbed!”

Other dangerous items are corks and sponges. Ashley Jarrells reached down into a bucket for a sponge one day while cleaning the walls at her local rescue, only to find one of the ferrets’ tiny stuffed animals in its place. The sneaky buggers pulled a fast one!

The Indomitable Ferret
Long-time ferret owner Stacey Lancaster of Michigan said her ferret, Mo-Weasel, hit pay dirt when he found the largest sponge of all, a sponge mop. “He had managed to back-scoot drag it through the living room and into the hallway. But he just couldn’t make it fit under the dresser. It looked so funny though to see this ferret dragging the mop that was over four times longer than he was.” Her ferret Jumanji tried her best to drag a 40-pound bag of wood pellets once. These small but mighty pets are not deterred by size whatsoever and have been known to even try to stash people by grabbing onto hands or feet and then trying to drag them under a couch or bed!

No job is too large for these industrious creatures. Lisa Bendik Arizona said that she has only owned one ferret at a time because even that is always half a ferret too many. I understood why after hearing just one of ferret stashing adventures. Her ferret, Rufuzz, took all night to stash an entire 5-pound bag of potatoes. “His stash was across the kitchen, through the living room, down the hall, and in the far corner of the farthest room in the house,” Bendik said. “It must’ve taken him all night. Since the bag was still in the cabinet, he had to have moved them one potato at a time.”

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