The Staring Mouse

Why would a mouse stare at its owner?

Q: I have a pet mouse. It jumps on the bar supporting the exercise wheel and clings to it and stares at me. What’s that about?

A: All pets (and humans) have favorite places to eat, sleep and observe what’s going on in their world. Most people enjoy relaxing in a favorite chair, my cat prefers to spy on everyone from the top shelf of her cat tree, one of my rats loves to sleep inside his feeder … and your mouse likes to people-watch from the bar of his exercise wheel. It might seem a little odd from the human perspective, but I would be willing to bet that the wheel is where your mouse spends a lot of his time.
What’s great about this is that your mouse is obviously interested in what’s going on in the world; that means he’s probably going to be very willing to socialize with you. And since he’s so inquisitive, you will want to offer him a steady supply of new and interesting toys, houses and healthy treats to keep him active, healthy and happy.

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