The Show Judge? Role

Without significant showing experience, a good eye and a strong pair of shoes, a bird show judge is lost

During a bird show, the judges concentrate on every bird in front of them, fully realizing that each exhibitor has put a lot of work into his or her bird. Knowing how to place birds takes skill and years of experience in parakeet breeding and exhibition. The judges have to make tough decisions and they spend all day (sometimes several days) on their feet looking at dozens (or even hundreds) of birds.

For example, before the American Budgerigar Society (ABS) will consider someone for the position of a show judge, the applicant must have bred and raised budgerigars for exhibition purposes for a minimum of 10 years and have been a member of ABS in good standing during that period. He or she must be a champion breeder and have exhibited birds in the Champion Division of ABS patronage shows for a minimum of three years. Additionally, the applicant must have placed, as a Champion, First, Second or Third Best in Show with three different birds once each year, in three different calendar years.

“Most of the better judges are also fine exhibitors and have bred great quality birds themselves,” said Don Langell, a member of the Massachusetts Budgerigar Society and atop exhibitor in the United States.. “It’s important that the judges have accomplished and achieved the successes that they’re encouraging the breeders to strive for.” Judges also must maintain a high moral fiber so that they can serve as good ambassadors for the bird club.



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