The Short & Sweet Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The easygoing Cardigan Welsh Corgi is low to the ground, but ranks high in love and loyalty.

Daphne loves to sing. One night, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi’s owner, Marieann Gladstone, fell asleep with the TV on only to be awakened hours later by Daphne’s enthusiastic rendering of the French national anthem. “Every time she hears certain tunes, like the Star Spangled Banner, she starts crooning,” says Gladstone, an American Kennel Club judge and 35-year breeder of Cardigans.

The intelligent and affectionate Cardi will bring spice to your life with his inventiveness and playful sense of humor. Breed club president Tricia Olsen of Colorado had to replace all the lever-style doorknobs in her house because 4-year-old Pepper can open them. “My dad’s dog, Button, loved to open his dresser drawers and steal his socks to he can take them outside and hide them,” she recalls.

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