The Scoop on Alternative Litters

Eco-friendly options abound if you're seeking a green lifestyle.

Natural Cat- Alternative Cat Litters- June 2012

If you look down the cat litter aisle of your pet store, you’ll see a sea of green options with ingredients that you might find in your kitchen pantry: green tea, coconut, pea pods, wheat and corn.

Manufacturers have discovered that these ingredients help control odors, aid in clumping and create a more natural environment where Fluffy can do her business.

If you opt for a green litter over traditional clay, you probably expect the same performance: odor control, ease of use, easy disposal and low cost. But you also expect these products to have a lower environmental impact.

Worth the Price
Like many cat people, Patricia Rodriguez lets her three cats sleep in bed with her or her daughter and roam freely around their Oxnard, Calif., home.

“I began to think about all of the chemicals from the litterbox that were on their feet,” she says. “But I was torn between balancing what impact we have on the environment and the economics of life.”

Price is still a barrier keeping some cat parents from going green, especially in multiple cat homes, says Jenn Fadal, owner of Wag Natural Pet Boutique in Tampa, Fla. Half of Fadal’s cat customers have gone green with their litter despite the added expense because of the many advantages of natural litters.

For one thing, they can be easier to dispose of due to their ability to biodegrade, as long as you throw away the solid waste in paper rather than plastic bags.

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