The Sage Cat

Focus on these 10 life lessons you can learn from your cat.

Yesterday, my 10-pound fur-monster Peluca climbed a ladder to get to the top bunk bed. She navigated rung-by-rung to reach the highest point in the room — and gain a new perspective on her domain. Mu-Shu, my black and white feline punk, attacked a catnip-stuffed toy banana and wrestled it until it called uncle.

Most owners regularly marvel at the comical behaviors their cats display. From sliding wild-eyed across the floor in pursuit of a toy to hiding away in an unchartered corner of the house, our cats’ natural conduct often leaves us highly entertained.

But not all feline shenanigans are silly frivolities. Many of these actions serve a higher purpose. So watch and learn! These 10 life lessons from your sage cat can help you loosen up and take a fresh view of life.

**For the full article, pick up the March 2007 issue of CAT FANCY.**

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