The Sacred Cats of Siam

Thailand's ancient love of cats helped shape its national identity.

The ancient Southeast Asian country of Siam (now Thailand) is home to various cat breeds, two of which are considered sacred. One, the Siamese, is well-known and very popular in the West. The other, the Korat, is less known in our country but very popular among the people of Thailand. Both cats, however, hold a special place in the history and culture of the land.

The Siamese
The Siamese is considered the Royal Cat of Siam. “There are records of Siamese cats being given away by the palace to foreign visitors,” says Martin Clutterbuck, researcher and author of the books “Siamese Cats: Legend and Reality” and “The Legend of Siamese Cats.” Many legends surround Siamese cats, and Clutterbuck has spent much time in Thailand separating the fact from fiction.

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