The Rock Pays Tribute To Paul Walker During Discovery Channel’s Shark Week

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Shark monger prank, also captured with a GoPro. Mobile Toones
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Editor’s note: This is a constantly updated recap of interesting 2014 Shark Week news and information.

In continuing Shark Week here at, we have decided for the most part to not focus on the pseudo-science and instead focus on the science. Actor Paul Walker, who died in November 2013 in a car crash, was an advocate of marine conservation and for the last 10 years before his death, joined marine  scientist Dr. Michael Domeier on great white shark expeditions. Read about Dr. Michael Domeier’s research that involved Paul Walker.

Were you aware that the late Paul Walker of Fast and Furious fame studied marine biology in college and was a marine conservationist? Walker, through National Geographic, spent some time tagging and researching the great white shark, and in honor of Walker, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recorded an intro video for the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

Check the video uploaded to YouTube in 2009 with Paul Walker talking about a trip to Guadalupe Island in Mexico for a shark tagging expedition where they tagged great whites, took blood samples and measured hormone levels. Interesting in this video, Walker says he would give up everything he worked for in the movies to do this job full time.

The Rock posted a short clip on his Instagram account with the following quote:
Was moved to shoot this very special intro to one of Paul Walker’s final missions for shark and marine conservation. #DiscoveryChannel #SharkWeek #ProtectingThatWhichILove #MissYouBrotherPaul

Shark Week Is ON

In the name of Shark Week, which starts August 10, the Interwebs is chock full of news and information about these misunderstood ocean predators. I’ll be trying to find the most interesting and peculiar items the entire week.

It started a week early with the Discovery Channel’s release of the SharkCam video footage from the Oceanographic Systems Lab at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s research on great white shark predatory behavior. The channel is promoting its “Jaws Strikes Back” documentary that airs on the Discovery Channel August 11, which documents real science versus its own fake and bogus “Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives,” from Shark Week last year. The channel has even doubled down on its bogus efforts from last year with “Megalodon: The New Evidence.” That show, for those who are into pseudo-science and fakery, airs at the end of the week, August 15.

In the meantime, I will try and find interesting shark news and tidbits and will post them daily to this page, starting August 11, so bookmark this page, and let’s all celebrate Shark Week in style.

To kick off, this Facebook video has been passed around several hundred thousand times. Enjoy.

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