The Rescued Greyhounds


Many pedigreed dogs are available for adoption through rescue organizations. One I’m most familiar with is the Greyhound Rescue group. One of my clients has rescued three beautiful dogs from a life of racing in Mexico and they are currently fostering another rescue. I’ve sat for two other homes that have had rescued Greyhounds.

I met Koko, Keiko and Tigger about three years ago. I have taken care of them many times and always enjoy being with them. They are wonderful dogs and considering what they have been through, I find it remarkable how well behaved they are. Koko and Keiko bear scars from their lives in racing. I always feel a little sad when I see those.  Keiko is somewhat wary of strangers, but she knows me now and always gives me a kiss or two. Koko tends to bark at night sometimes and has a habit of chomping his jaws together, which can be scary if you aren’t forewarned.

Tigger is the most affectionate of the three dogs. She loves to cuddle with me in bed and usually sleeps the whole night with me. Koko always lets me know when it is time to get up, but always on his time, usually around 6:30 a.m. All three dogs will lean on me and love to rub their heads on my legs.

On my most recent visit, I met the foster dog. She showed no aggression toward me even though she had not met me before. She was super affectionate and I know she will soon find the right permanent home. I wouldn’t be surprised if my clients decided to keep her since she gets along well with the other dogs and is so sweet.

If you have space in your home and heart, I encourage you to look into adopting a dog from a local Greyhound rescue organization. They make wonderful companions and deserve a forever home.

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