The Rap on Seahorse Tail Wraps

Supplement to the September 2008 FAMA Horse Forum" column.

Q. What if the seahorse wants to wrap it’s tail around my finger while I am feeding them? Should I allow this or is this too much interference? Will I be able to get him off when I am done?

A. No, it is not too much interference at all. In fact, the seahorse will feel so much more comfortable if he or she can rest by wrapping its tail around your finger while you are feeding it. Seahorses have a prehensile tail just like monkeys do. It is a natural and instinctual behavior for your seahorse to wrap its tail around just about anything that is similar to a sea grass strand, a coral lobe or even another seahorse’s tail. Your finger is actually quite similar in size and softness to these objects, and the seahorse will be delighted once it trusts that you will not pet it or pinch its tail as it sits on your finger.

Be careful though, as you may have a hard time convincing the seahorse to leave your finger once it settles in to a “good wrap” around your finger. You may be there for hours trying to convince it that the other side of the tank is just as interesting as where you are.

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