The Quest for Purrfect Teeth

We find the perfect tabby to demonstrate teeth-brushing for us.

Last week I got a call from Managing Editor Nikki Batalis asking if I would like to present a video for the upcoming Cat College 200 Level on dental health. And, did I know a cat that would be amenable to having its teeth brushed to star in the video?

Because February is Dental Health Month, both Izzie and Mr. Pants had just had their teeth professionally cleaned and I knew that they wouldn’t be up for a demo. I didn’t want to stress out Fudge because she was actually booked to have her teeth cleaned the week after this film shoot. So I called my vet’s office for help and Diane, a vet technician who works there, instantly offered her tabby Chip for the assignment.

I couldn’t believe how laid-back and amenable he was allowing us to demonstrating different brushes. He definitely has a career in the film industry waiting for him!

It was just as well I never attempted to take Fudge because when I put her in the carrier for teeth-cleaning day, she growled in disgust and got all heavy as cats do when they don’t want to go somewhere. She must have known something was up because earlier she came to tell me her food bowl was empty and why wasn’t I filling it.  I never know how to explain …

Well good news. When we checked in, the vet took one look at her teeth and announced they were in excellent condition and teething cleaning wasn’t necessary. I guess she must have good genes combined with good nutrition because this is the second time it’s happened.

Needless to say, when we got home she headed straight for the food bowls and this time I obliged with an additional helping of tuna along with her kibble.

Good dental hygiene is so vital to overall good health. Watch out for the dental health video on — coming soon.

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