The Purr-fect Hair Experience

Cats make great assistants at the hair salon.

Just before jetting back to California, I decided it was time to visit my friend and super hair stylist Gillian to restore my natural color!

Not only is she a true artist when it comes to hair color and cutting, but she is a besotted cat lover and pet parent to four adopted kitties.

Some years back, reluctant to leave her cats alone at home while she went off to work in her salon, Gillian decided to move her salon to her home so that she could be with her felines all day. Her clients willingly followed, only too happy to be able to sit in her lush tropical garden reading magazines and sipping a homemade herbal brew while waiting their turn.

On arrival, Sebastian, a large handsome Maine Coon, was on hand to greet me.  When he felt he’d been sufficiently petted, he led the way to where Gillian was setting out her tools.

Next to arrive on the scene was Cheyenne, her orange longhaired tabby, who quickly took up the seat next to me to see what I was going to have done.

Then India poked her nose around the door. But she decided it was too nice a day to be inside and went to work on a manicure out in the garden while simultaneously soaking up some rays.

The moment Gillian placed a black cape over my shoulders, Olivia, a petite tortoiseshell with gorgeous green eyes, arrived and promptly jumped on my lap where she stayed for the rest of the morning. Total bliss.

I wish my hairdresser back in California offered such wonderful feline “services.”

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