The Pride of Belgium

With his attentive, loyal, and devoted nature, who wouldn’t be proud to own this sheepdog?

Susan H. of Alaska and her two Belgian Sheepdogs, Kiska and Tala, love to start each day with an exhilarating outdoor workout. “We go out early mornings for an hour or more and either go exploring the trails or take a trip to the beach, where the dogs can play and retrieve sticks from the water,” says Susan, president of the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America. 

“Whatever we’re doing, my dogs either walk or run at least four miles daily. Tala is 14 years old now and walks more, but Kiska is only 3. She runs constantly and probably goes another 10 miles. She never stops.”

The Belgian Sheepdog’s strong need to be on the move, along with an equal desire to be with and protect his owner, is part of the Belgian package. As the American Kennel Club breed standard states: “He should be watchful, attentive, and always in motion when not under command.”

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