The Power of Saving Dogs

A new book looks at the lives of rescued animals and the people they touch.

Saved: Rescued Animals and the Lives They TransformAny animal lover understands the deep bond formed between human and animal. Tragically, however, not all humans acknowledge a responsibility to the animal world. “Saved: Rescued Animals and the Lives They Transform” is a new book that tells stories of animals who have been rescued and the individuals who have helped and been helped by them.

Written by award-winning journalist Karin Winegar with stunning photographs by Judy Olausen, the book is a wonderful collection of stories, beautifully complemented by photographs of the courageous creatures that have healed themselves or their human counterpart. Abandoned or hurt, the people and pets in this beautiful book find redemption in each other, and faith in the world.

With a forward by Dr. Jane Goodall, the book is a poignant and touching tribute to the unbreakable spirit of both man and animal. It features stories of many selfless people, devoting their time, money, and energy to animals that have often been betrayed by man. From a bird succeeding with the help of a prosthetic beak to a dog who miraculously survived the pound’s gas chamber, many of the animals in the book have suffered at the hands of humans, but have been nursed and loved by caring strangers.

Likewise, there are also many animals that have helped humans, offering unconditional love and support. From therapy horses lifting spirits a dog helping a boy through his parents’ divorce, every animal and individual has a unique story.

The book is an inspirational spotlight on some of the most soulful and symbiotic relationships between man and animal, that change both lives for the better. 

“Saved: Rescued Animals and the Lives They Transform” by Karin Winegar is on sale now.

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