The Painted Conure

The painted conure might be hard to find, but its sweet and adventurous personality endear the painted conure to its owner.

Mention conures and there’s a good chance that jenday conure, the sun conure or blue-crowned conure come to mind. There’s no doubt that these medium-sized conures deserve their popularity, but there are plenty of other conures that are as equally captivating. Check out the painted conure and sample its appeal.

The Painted Conure 
At 8 1/2 inches with a similar personality to the green-cheeked conurepainted conures (Pyrrhura picta) are relatively uncommon in aviculture. “They are one of the most difficult species of conures to raise,” said California-based conure breeder John Del Rio. However, a painted conure pair occasionally produces well and raises babies with “the frequency of a typical green-cheeked conure. A pair like this is hard to find.”

Painted conures that do become pets are sweet and sometimes audacious. Phoebe, a painted conure owned by Heather Moore and James Lucier of California, is always “the first one to explore a new toy, climb down from her cage and go in search of something, or beg to be taken outside in the screen room.”

When it comes to touching, Phoebe is a bit shyer than the couple’s green-cheeked conure, preferring more hands-off interaction. “She will readily step up and sit on my shoulder, but she’d rather that I talk softly to her than give her a head rub,”  Moore said.

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