The Obamas’ Choice of First Dog Goes Swimmingly

Congratulations to the Obama family for choosing a Portuguese Water Dog as its first dog ever – the official First Dog. The PWD is an active and versatile breed, wonderful with children, and with a coat that shouldn’t cause Malia Obama any breathing issues.

The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America is one of the nation’s most progressive parent clubs. It has already stepped up and made its collective expertise available to the First Family. American Kennel Club President Dennis Sprung has sent a congratulatory letter to President Obama and offered the AKC’s help in making the Obama puppy’s transition a smooth one.

I join the American Kennel Club and the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America in commending the First Family on their patience, their lengthy research to find just the right breed, and their wisdom in choosing a purebred over a “designer dog.” The fad of deliberately crossbreeding dogs, giving them silly names, and marketing them as expensive, exclusive purebreds is offensive to breeders, shelters, and veterinarians alike.

A purebred dog offers predictability in size, coat, overall appearance, and temperament. Responsible breeders screen the parents of a prospective litter for genetic good health, socialize their puppies, stand behind them, raise them with every advantage, and happily mentor owners for the life of the dog. By deciding on a true purebred, rather than a “designer dog,” the Obamas sent a powerful message to the country.

The Portuguese Water Dog breed is about to get unprecedented media visibility. So remember that no breed is right for everyone. Adding a dog to your household is a huge responsibility. Do your homework as the Obamas did.

If you’d like to know more about the Portuguese Water Dog, visit DogChannel’s breed profile page on the PWD or the parent club.

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